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Nothing could be more inspiring than nature; raw and beautiful.
Plants and  flowers.


Plants are the basis of our life.  They anchor the food chain supporting all life big and small either directly or indirectly.  Without them life as we know would have not existed.


My fascination with plants and flowers is in their contradictory qualities.  They can both be uplifting and simultaneously  invoke feelings of sadness. They can evoke, at a wedding for instance, feelings of happines and the same flowers would bring somberness at a funeral. They can be inviting but also create barriers that keep unwanted people out – a hedge for example. Depending on where they are located they can be a source of beauty or considered an unwanted weed.  Take for example dandelions in a lawn, they are considered weeds, unwanted and undesirable but when the same dandelions are in a field in the country side  they are a source of beauty.


This is what inspires me when it comes to plants and flowers – the paradox in them.


Birds have always fascinated me not only because of their beauty but also their industrious nature and tenacity. They bring  joy not only  with their singing but also their beautiful  colors uplifting the soul of one.  I am still learning and discovering new species of birds and they continue to amaze and intrigue me, like when I first saw Killdeer. It was in my drive way on a cloudy afternoon that I saw this bird I had never seen  before. It was like seeing an old friend whom I had not seen for along time and did not expect to see. I was shocked, excited to see this 'cool', calm and collected bird.  It took me along time to snap out of my amazement and run into the house and grab my camera.  Surely, he was still there waiting for me to snap away!


I hope these shots of bird will bring you as much joy as they have brought me.