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From a resolve to a virtual exhibition

Who knew how powerful and rewarding simplicity can be? Certainly not me.

Idioms such as good things don't come easy; easy come easy go; the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory, and so on, have inculcated in our minds the idea that the more difficult or complex a task is, the better.

It is, therefore, no surprise that I tossed out the idea of simplicity. Instead, I unconsciously leaned towards complexity. Complex endeavors requiring a detailed plan, so I thought, were not only more workable but fulfilling as well.

So, my modus operandi for years was to spend a significant amount of time producing a foolproof plan. And, of course, my aspirations had to have a detailed plan attached, which gave me satisfaction. But, though it worked for some goals, it was a hurdle for others. New year's resolution was one of them.

Year after year, I fell short of achieving my resolutions regardless of my plan and zeal to stick to my resolutions wholeheartedly. It always happened. Within the first two months of the year, I broke or altogether abandoned my resolution.

The reasons for my failure were many, and honestly, some were excuses and a dash of laziness. However, I realized the detailed plan attached to my resolutions was the culprit. Instead of spurring me forward, it held me back. Instead of making my resolutions simple, they were complex and cumbersome, challenging to follow through.

So last year, I made things simpler. I abandoned the idea of making complex detailed resolutions. Instead, I chose not to make any resolutions but to resolve to say yes to every idea presented to me (within reason, of course). I neither overthink nor over-plan my goals anymore. Instead, as Nike tells us, I just do it.

My simple resolve has paid off already. I was asked to participate in a virtual exhibition for the first time, and I said yes without mulling over the idea. I did not give myself a chance to ponder on the pros and cons or even, in my rigorous mind, to conjure up an excuse not to do it. It has been an excellent start to my resolve, and yes am closing in on making it to two months.

You can check out the virtual exhibition here.

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