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Going beyond photography

Well, here I am. Its almost midnight and a thought just popped in my mind. This is not the first time that some idea has popped in my mind. It is though one of those times that I decided to act on it. You may be wondering what this thought is and why I acted on it right away.

The thought is what I am doing right now, writing a blog. I have to confess that this is not the first time I have thought about writing a blog. I have had a blog on this site in the past. The decision to close it was two-fold. One I teamed up with some like-minded people, by that I mean other photographers, to start a blog dedicated to photography. Our blog, which you should check out at, saved the purpose of the blog I had on this site.

For this reason, I decided to close shop on this site and contribute to The second reason was that you have become my family, and I want to talk to you as such. The previous blog was educational, we talked about photography, and that was it. What I want is to have that after class conversation over a drink and go beyond photography. In a way, we will get to know each other, share ideas and words of encouragement. So saddle up and let us get to share ideas and get to know each other a little better.

We will talk later.

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