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The year that was 2020

If you are reading this, then you have made it to 2021. Happy new year!

2020 was a very challenging year, and, indeed, we all were happy to see it go.

Nevertheless, we have not cleared the hurdle yet. Covid is still here, and we are all still feeling its effect. But with a new year comes new hope that we will finally defeat this virus.

Like most, life was not easy in many ways. The pandemic affected my photography in profound ways. Most of the events and photoshoots that I had lined up were either postponed or canceled altogether. Needless to say, it affected the bottom line.

But on the positive side, I learned how to bake and am damn good at it if I can say so myself. I also took this opportunity to work on a few things, including a book, which hopefully will be ready sometime next year. The goal was to keep myself busy. I managed to work on somethings that were left on the back burner. One of them is a website I started sometime back,; check it out!

The website is one way of giving back and imparting some of the knowledge I have acquired over the years. By the way, feel free to share your thought, experience, and work on the site.

So, 2020 was not all wasted. Yes, it was tough, yes, it was challenging, but the year also brought our humanity's best. The level of help and compassion I saw was touching. There is good in all of us.

So my resolution this year is to continue pushing forward despite all the problems surrounding us. Keep pressing on, and good luck!

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