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Photo Tip: Clean Up - Develop Module

December 31, 2017


The develop module of Lightroom can be overwhelming to a new user, frustrating to a seasoned user and sometimes just cumbersome.  There are so many panels and options and yes, not every picture will require each control panel.


By default, all the panels in the develop module are expanded (refer to image on the left) 


 meaning all options under each control panel are shown. This can be good, but it can also be time-consuming. Imagine you are the basic control panel and you want to go camera calibration panel, you will have to scroll all the way down just to switch between the two. This may seem trivial but if you have a lot of pictures to work on the time taken to scroll down can easily add up.


Luckily there is a hidden feature that can clean up you develop panel to only show you option of the panel that you have opened. To do this right click any panel in the popup mean select solo mode all your panels will simply show the name of the panel without showing you the option available under that panel. From this point on Lightroom will only show you the option of the panel that you have selected and will collapse that panel once you select a different panel.


There you go you now have a clean less overwhelming develop module.

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