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Hidden Lightroom Gem

December 25, 2018

Lightroom has undergone yet another software upgrade.  Most of the upgrades have been around performance - under the hood stuff- but there is one added feature that for the longest time I was baffled why it was included in  Lightroom.


Most of us use Lightrooms’ big brother Photoshop and use or are aware of arguably one of the most commonly used tool the opacity slider. 


With the opacity slider, you can lower the intensity of the layer effect by simply dialing down the opacity which in turn lower all the components of the effect within the selected layer.  Opacity is a handy and time-saving tool which until now was missing in Lightroom.


The recent Lightroom upgrade has solved this ‘problem’ by introducing a slider that works in the same way as the opacity slider in Photoshop.  Instead of calling it opacity as is the case in Photoshop it is called amount in Lightroom. 


You may be looking at Lightroom right now and wondering why you cannot locate amount slide anywhere in Lightroom fret not because the amount slider has been hidden.  Before we go into details of how to uncover the slider, note that unlike the opacity slider in Photoshop, the amount slider in Lightroom only works with local adjustment tools - graduated filter, radial filter, and the adjustment brush.


When you are working with one of these tools, you can lower their intensity by clicking the down point arrow on the right top corner of the tool (refer to image above). Once you click this arrow all the sliders within the tool are collapsed down revealing the amount slider which you can use to lower proportionally all the other sliders that you have adjusted within the tool (image below).


Why such an important tool is hidden is a surprise but still kudos to Adobe for finally adding this tool to Lightroom. Hopefully, in future updates, this tool will be front and center.

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