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Why I love summer

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I like summertime birds singing, green trees all around, and that lovely smell of freshly cut grass. But, unfortunately, I live in the northern hemisphere, where we must contend with bitterly cold winters and mountains of snow. So, when summer comes around, and you can see the grass again, plus you don't have to buddle yourself in layers and layers of clothes, it is such a joyous time.

As a photographer, I also find this time rewarding. Apart from the business side, many weddings and events to shoot, warm weather makes it easy to discover places and things to photograph. Summer offers picturesque scenes, and fall brings those lovely colorful leaves ending the warm summer months.

The pandemic has brought challenges hindering us from fully savoring these short summer months. Nevertheless, appreciate the warmth and beauty of summer and remember it goes by quickly, so make sure you enjoy every day and take lots of pictures.

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