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The Folly of Perfection

Sit. Pour yourself a beverage, preferably a small nonalcoholic one. What I am about to say is short, but you will need time to shake off the initial disbelief to comprehend what may seem like a contradictory piece of advice.

The pursuit of perfection is counterproductive.

Yes, I said it. I said it fully aware that we live in a world where perfection or the illusion of being perfect is the standard. The unattainable fashion industry's ideal of flawless beauty; social media influencers only posting perfect life highlight reels perpetuate this illusion. This has created the idea that we can achieve perfection. But, unfortunately, it is nothing but a mirage that many adhere to, with catastrophic consequences.

Many people have fallen into depression from watching social media posts of people who, judging from their posts, appear to have a perfect and joyful life. Young girls have developed bulimia trying to live up to beauty standards. Less they know that the fun vacation picture on Instagram has sorrow as a predecessor and financial headaches as the successor or that stunning beauty's picture is Photoshop trickery.

Unfortunately, we have bought into this. And we consequently invest our effort and time in pursuing an unattainable goal. I challenge you that no bone and flesh has ever achieved perfection since the beginning of time. It has never happened and never will. Never! Chasing perfection is an illusion analogous to evading one's shadow. You can try, but all you will achieve is frustration and disappointment.

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